Mendocino Real Estate

It is no small wonder that Mendocino real estate is so extraordinary. Redwood forests crowding in from the east. Pacific waves rolling in from the west. A meandering river pouring into the ocean to the south. Beautiful, quaint, and dramatic—Mendocino is an alluring village perched at the edge of the continent.

If you’ve been here before, you understand why Mendocino is prized California real estate. Breakers crash against sheer walls as hikers stroll the Point Mendocino Trail on a whale-tail shaped spit of land. There is a long beach perfect for lazy days where the Big River flows out of the mountains, a dramatic bridge arching above. Marine mammals dive and swim in undulating kelp fields.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling property in a unique place like Mendocino, you need an exceptional real estate agent. I have the insider knowledge and deep social and business relationships to make sure you have the critical information and connections you need for Mendocino real estate transactions. As a former Bay Area “techie” and president, board member, public information officer, and firefighter for the Albion Volunteer Fire Department—I speak “Silicon Valley” and have deep ties to this community. I leverage these characteristics with my wealth of knowledge gained from years of professionally and successfully advocating for my clients.  If you are as entranced by this gorgeous place as I am, call Scott Roat Realty at 707-331-4120 or contact me online today.

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