Why To Use Local Brokers

Why To Use Local Brokers

The Advantages of Going Local with a Real Estate Broker

Finding exactly the right piece of real estate, especially in Mendocino with so many uniquely surprising and inspiring homes and properties, is as much art as science. Big corporate real estate firms may have recognizable names and logos, but local brokers have insider knowledge, deep social and business connections, and add to the local economy by keeping money within the community.

Insider Knowledge

Local brokers specialize in a particular location and have spent years proficiently assisting buyers and sellers to make excellent real estate decisions. Intimately knowing highly specific market trends within neighborhoods gives you an advantage when you are buying or selling. You need someone with first-hand information about schools, amenities or any upcoming changes due to development or legal disputes so you can be nimble and fully-apprised. Data is key in any undertaking and only your local real estate broker will have all the information to help you in keeping up with rapidly changing market conditions   

Deep Social and Business Connections

Living and working in an area locally for years, or even decades, allows a local broker the opportunity to grow deep social and business roots. Running a small business, volunteering, and becoming an integral part of a community allows a local broker to grow and nurture the relationships that will give you real benefits when buying or selling properties, particularly distinctive Mendocino properties. As a local business owner, your local real estate broker is often at the center of civic well-being, giving to charities or helping raise money for local causes. Local brokers also have developed relationships with all other agents in an area and know reliable contractors and other service providers.

Add to the Local Economy

There are huge advantages to keeping resources local, particularly in a place with a smaller population such the Mendocino coast. The livelihood of a local broker depends upon the beauty and viability of the local area and they will support efforts to maintain and enhance economic infrastructure and environmental sustainability. A national broker has no interest in giving back to the community, but a local broker knows that their business is only as strong as the community it loves and supports. Since a local broker is so deeply connected to the community, efforts toward community improvement will be targeted where they are most needed. Finally, local money stays local in real dollars—an American Independent Business Alliance study found that of $100 spent in a local business, $68 stayed local, while only $43 spent with a national chain stayed local. 

As the owner of Scott Roat Realty, I have the insider knowledge and deep social and business relationships to give you all the information and connection you need to buy or sell your unique Mendocino coast real estate. As a former President, Board Member, Public Information Officer and firefighter for the Albion Volunteer Fire Department, I have built a wide, deep appreciation of the area. My former life in the Tech industry in the Bay Area gives me the ability to analyze data and use technology and speak “Silicon Valley” to make sure you have every advantage. But it is really the life I have built here—as a business owner, firefighter, gentleman farmer, a member of a CMAR’s scholarship committee, and a writer of fiction and children’s literature—that has allowed me to build the deep connections that I can leverage into ensuring you will happily live with your real estate transaction for years to come! Call today at 707-331-4120 or contact me online.

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