Can the Buyer See Themselves Inside Your Home?

Can the Buyer See Themselves Inside Your Home?

At Scott Roat Realty, we know the way to sell a home is to help a buyer feel at home in it—from before the moment they set eyes on it. This starts online, even before they are in the neighborhood, with a description that begins to tell the story of your unique home. Add professional-quality photographs to further engage your audience – as buyers click through these photos, you are already inviting them to make emotional connections before setting foot inside.

Preparing the Property

You then need to build on this story. As you prepare for potential buyers to be shown the property, other inexpensive ways to create this invitation are having:

  • Clear and readable street numbers.
  • Swept walkways.
  • A welcoming entryway.
  • No clutter – nope, just remove it.
  • If clutter really is unavoidable, organize it, making it look intentional.
  • Good lighting—change all bulbs to LEDs.
  • Two meal settings at the dining table, replete with placemats and wine glasses.
  • Remove or limit personal photographs.

Remember, bold is beautiful, but neutrality sells homes. Scott uses the example of the great color palette at his personal residence, how it brings him great joy, and works as a lively, creative space for him to live and work.

Despite his love for it, if he chose to sell he would repaint interior walls beige or an off-white. Scott believes that buyers want to have a blank canvas on which to project their desires, and neutral tones are more effective in achieving that.

Choosing An Agent

Who you work with to sell your home makes all the difference. You need someone who will maximize returns, reduce liability, and enhance the overall experience. You should have prospective agents answer the following questions and base your choice on their answers:

  • How well do they know the area and its resources?
  • Do they communicate well?
  • Are they reachable? Do they respond in a timely fashion?
  • Do they understand the market and how it’s changing?
  • How well do they negotiate?
  • Do they understand contracts?
  • Do they market well and really understand ways to leverage the internet to be in front of more buyers?
  • Are your priorities their top concern, especially if parameters change?
  • Will they work hard for you?
  • Lastly (not to be underestimated), how is your relationship with them?

Making the Call

Of course, these lists only scratch the surface. Whether you’re selling an oceanfront home, a starter, or the property you’ve earned a lifetime of equity in, Scott will listen to your needs. He understands the importance of your investment in your home, and he is committed to devising a winning strategy. Most importantly, he works untiringly to get deals done and ensures you get the most from your resources.

For even more insider knowledge, give Scott a call at 707-331-4120.

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