The Beauty of the Mendocino Coast

The Beauty of the Mendocino Coast

More and more folks are discovering the beauty of the Mendocino Coast! I fell in love with the area when I was looking for some relief from my fast-paced Bay Area tech industry lifestyle, over twenty years ago!

What was a day trip became part-time living turned into full-time resident. There are so many reasons people visit the Mendocino Coast – this article describes in detail the area’s charm. Once you visit, you may decide you want a second home here and start looking at Mendocino real estate!

Whether you decide you want to build an estate on bare land, find a cottage for weekend getaways, or something else, I can help. As a full-time resident since 2003, a volunteer firefighter, and realtor, I know the ins and outs of Mendocino real estate. Let’s explore and find the best spot for you!

Get Away To The Mendocino Goast


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