How a Market Conditions Report Determines Pricing, Especially During a Global Pandemic

The frenzied tempo of life closer to the Bay Area often sends folks looking for a slower, steadier pace to quieter, more charming locales.  And that was before COVID-19.

The virus spreads faster the more densely folks are pressed together, making the windswept loneliness of the Mendocino coast even more appealing.

But how does a real estate agent get their client the maximum price when selling their home and, conversely, get the best deal possible for folks escaping the hubbub? Is it possible to also factor in the global pandemic that we are all up against?

Scott Roat Realty provides sellers with a market conditions report, creating a precise understanding of property value. The first step is to factor in location, market, age, condition, improvements, and neighborhood, which produces a clear snapshot of pricing for homes with similar characteristics. Scott then draws on his knowledge and ties to the community, including all of the time he has spent as a landowner, builder, and firefighter here, to give you an honest evaluation of market value.

As a local realtor with decades of experience, Scott has a treasure trove of data and information available to him. Overinflating market value can be just as detrimental as underpricing your home. A house that lists at above-market pricing may go unsold for a long time, making buyers skeptical about the condition of the home.

After an extended time on the market, potential buyers will ask: “What’s wrong with it?” They will worry about possible problems, such as bad neighbors or underlying damage. Even if you get a price well over market value, an appraisal may stop the buyer from getting a mortgage on an overpriced home. It is a much better strategy to list your home at the right price to maximize the sale

Scott determines this number with the market conditions report, which considers all financial and real-world factors. For example, it appears for now that the economic stagnation caused by COVID-19 is being balanced by the demands of buyers who want to live and work in less crowded places. Scott is the partner you want in a pandemic—resourceful, nimble, and able to make adjustments in an unstable, fluctuating market. 

To get your market condition report, contact Scott Roat Realty at 707-331-4120 today.

Scott Roat Realty, Your Trusted Partner, Even in a Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt personal, local, and global health and finances, it requires focused attention on every detail to build safe practices to confront the virus. It’s important for you to know that, at Scott Roat Realty, your well-being is just as important as optimizing the sale or purchase of a distinctive Mendocino coastal property.

Trusted Realtor During Pandemic

Scott ensures your safety by erring on the side of caution. He has a zero-exposure policy for endangering his clients.  That’s why, when you see a home, he arrives before you get there. Scott then dons a mask, glasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and gloves. He opens the residence before you arrive and greets you outside from a socially safe distance. You can then ask him questions about the property before touring the home by yourself. Scott waits for you outside to answer any questions you might have.

Though this requires more effort and time, he is committed to safeguarding every interaction with clients to make every real estate transaction safe and healthy.

This extraordinary attention to detail is what makes Scott so valuable to those who are buying and selling property in a place as unique as Mendocino. You need a nimble agent who can adapt to emerging challenges and marketplace opportunities.

Think about it: why would you entrust someone who is casual about your health and wellness with a transaction that is so critical to your financial health?   

Just like you, Scott fell in love with Mendocino and made the leap from the Bay Area. He has now been a landowner, builder, and firefighter for decades and knows every neighborhood, road, school, and shop. He can tell you which contractors you can trust and who to go to for all the services you need when buying and selling real estate. Direct and honest, Scott will build you a detailed, optimized strategy to sell your property at maximum value or purchase your dream Mendocino Coast home at the best possible price. For a real broker who takes the utmost care with your health, safety, and real estate transaction, stop by Scott Roat Realty in the heart of the of Mendocino or call 707-331-4120 today!

Located in the Heart of Mendocino Scott Roat Realty
Now Located in the Heart of Mendocino: Scott Roat Realty

Maintaining its rural identity and eccentricities, Mendocino is far enough away from the tech boom in the Bay Area to be a world away from its stress and commotion. Scott Roat Realty is now located in the heart of the village, not even a block from where Little Lake Road crosses Lansing Street, at the core of the business and life Scott has built.    

It’s no wonder that Scott chose this as the new command center for his operation. He has spent the last couple of decades at the center of the community, running a small business, volunteering, and becoming an integral part of this community. This has allowed him to grow and nurture the relationships that are advantageous to his clients, particularly when buying and selling unique, one-of-a-kind Mendocino properties.

A Realtor You Can Trust

As a local broker, Scott has developed relationships with all the other agents in the area and knows which contractors and other service providers to which to refer you. He also appreciates and depends on the sustained beauty and viability of Mendocino and supports efforts that maintain and enhance economic infrastructure and environmental sustainability. National brokers don’t have much incentive to give back to the community. Scott, on the other hand, spent years volunteering for the Albion-Little River Fire District, first as a firefighter and then as a public information officer, board member, and president.

This kind of “going local” is critical when you are looking for the right piece of real estate, especially when there are so many surprisingly unique and inspiring homes and properties. The recognizable names and logos of large corporate realtors are familiar, but local brokers have the insider-knowledge and durable social and business connections you need. They also add to the local economy by keeping money within the community. Just down from the grocery store, across from the bank, and of course the pizzeria in the heart of Mendocino, Scott Roat Realty is now ready to serve your real estate needs from its new office at 10483 Lansing St., Suite #11. Stop on by or call 707-331-4120 today!

Buying and Selling Your Dream Mendocino Property Safely

Redwood forests. The Pacific ocean. Big River. Mendocino is romantic, rugged, and wild. It’s no wonder folks flock here from all over the world.

Yet even a quaint, quiet ocean-side town perched at the edge of a continent is not safe from COVID-19, the virus that is reshaping how we interact at the most basic levels. 

At Scott Roat Realty, we take the spread of the virus very seriously. You won’t find anyone more attentive to your real estate needs than Scott, and he is even more conscientious about your health.

If you are looking at homes, Scott arrives before you. He puts on a mask, glasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and gloves. He opens up the home before you get there and then greets you outside when you arrive. He then talks to you about the property and answers your questions from a safe distance and then allows you to explore the residence by yourself.

Though no one can guarantee the elimination of the virus, Scott promises that he takes every possible precaution to make your real estate transaction as safe as possible.

A Realtor You Can Trust

Now, more than ever, you need a realtor who is nimble and able to adapt to new and sudden shifts in the market. Scott has the insider-knowledge and social and business relationships to make sure you have the information and connections you need for Mendocino real estate transactions. He fled the Bay Area tech world to live in this gorgeous location. He became landowner, builder, and served as president, board member, public information officer, and firefighter for the Albion Volunteer Fire Department. Scott speaks “Silicon Valley” and also has community connections that you won’t get from corporate real estate firms. He leverages these characteristics with the wealth of knowledge and experience he has gained from successfully advocating for his real estate clients. 

Most buyers start as casual visitors, mesmerized by breakers crashing against sheer walls, hikers strolling along Point Mendocino Trail, the long, sandy beach where the river flows into the sea, and marine mammals diving and swimming in the surf.

For those who find themselves so enchanted they want to make this place their home, Scott will be your partner. He knows the market, the neighborhoods, and has the connections to optimize your transaction. He is also committed to making every consideration to ensure the experience is healthy and safe.

If you’re considering a home in Mendocino, give Scott Roat Realty a call today at 707-331-4120!