Why Work With A Small Real Estate Agency
Why Work With a Small Real Estate Agency?

Scott Roat Realty is an independent, locally-owned real estate agency, giving you valuable advantages over working with big box realtors.

Scott has built robust connections living for decades in Mendocino. He bought his first property here in 1999, built his own home, and served for over a decade as a firefighter in the community. His extensive experience as a real estate agent in this market pays big dividends. It takes a local agent to give you the inside-intel that can only come from someone who has lived and worked in a place for decades.

Are you looking to buy a home on the Mendocino Coast? Scott’s background in the tech industry gives him critical marketing expertise. As an emergency responder, Scott has intimate knowledge of every road and lot. He also understands how to develop properties because he has been an owner and builder here. Scott knows more than statistics about neighborhoods; he knows the neighbors and can give you all the information you need to find the best place to live and buy for YOU! Availability, follow-up, and networking—these are all qualities that work to your benefit when purchasing property here. 

Why Work With A Small Real Estate Agency

Interested in selling your Mendocino coast property? For most families, their home is their most significant asset, and a decision to sell involves preparation and work. Scott understands the importance of your investment in your home, and he is committed to devising a winning strategy. He speaks the same language as the executives traveling north to escape Silicon Valley.

The Best Realtor in the Business

Scott’s skills go beyond those of the average Mendocino realtor, employing online visibility techniques unknown by most of his peers. His familiarity with the process, the marketplace, and this unique location enable you to craft a strategy that has the best chance for success.

Mendocino is known for its fierce independence and its non-conformity. With their generic corporate policies, the national agencies don’t have the flexibility to work with the unique buyers and sellers that are attracted to this uncommon area. 

So whether you’re buying an oceanfront home, a starter, or selling the property you’ve earned equity in, Scott will listen to your needs and negotiate untiringly. He gets deals done and ensures you get the most from your resources.Give Scott a call at 707-331-4120 to make your real estate dreams come true!