Why Go Local for Real Estate?

Don’t go corporate when you can hire a local agent, giving you access to an expert who has lived and worked in a place for many years and has built social connections that can make your real estate dreams come true.

Local Knowledge

Anyone can recite facts about neighborhoods, schools, and amenities. Successful real estate agents must have a deep understanding of their community. If you have a long list of must-haves, it takes a connected professional who knows the area inside-out to address each issue. A local agent will have a sense of how the market has evolved and where it is going. They can be great resources for clients, especially when they are new to an area. 

Real Estate Documents

Scott Roat has been a Mendocino landowner, builder, and firefighter for decades. This extensive experience in the region gives him an advantage over corporate realtors. He is intimately familiar with neighborhoods, roads, waterways, weather patterns, and so much more to provide straightforward guidance to choose the location for your new life.

Deep Connections

Influencers and folks that are in-the-know surround every agent. But not all agents are part of that circle. Your agent must be connected and informed. Who can you trust for home inspections, building, interior design, lending, title and escrow, painting, gardening, plumbing, and electrical work? Buying real estate requires much more than knowing the phone number of the planning department. You need someone who can tell you the best person to talk to, when they are available, and how to get in touch with them.

These deep connections are what you get when you work with Scott. As a 12-year firefighter, Scott showed up when his community needed him most. He also relied on his fellow firefighters in moments of crisis. These are the sort of ties that build trust and reliability, qualities that are critical when making long-term decisions about moving to a new location. As a builder and a real estate broker, Scott has the experience to tell you who you can rely on to get needed services and support.

Independent and Proudly Non-Conformist   

For Scott, one of the charms of Mendocino is that this place is decidedly non-corporate. It is historically independent, offering an alternative to those who have had enough of large companies that dominate consumer products and culture. If originality and escaping what passes for “normal” is part of what draws you to the Mendocino coast, why would you start the process by going to a large corporate agency with a generic history and policies?

When buying or selling a property in one of the most beautiful locations in the country, you need a local real estate expert with knowledge and connections built over decades of public service, building, and real estate sales. You need someone who not only thinks this place is as special as you do, but who can build you a detailed, optimized plan to get you here.Do you want an independent, honest, attentive real estate broker? Give Scott a call at 707-331-4120 or schedule an appointment online!

Scott Roat Realty, Your Trusted Partner, Even in a Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt personal, local, and global health and finances, it requires focused attention on every detail to build safe practices to confront the virus. It’s important for you to know that, at Scott Roat Realty, your well-being is just as important as optimizing the sale or purchase of a distinctive Mendocino coastal property.

Trusted Realtor During Pandemic

Scott ensures your safety by erring on the side of caution. He has a zero-exposure policy for endangering his clients.  That’s why, when you see a home, he arrives before you get there. Scott then dons a mask, glasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and gloves. He opens the residence before you arrive and greets you outside from a socially safe distance. You can then ask him questions about the property before touring the home by yourself. Scott waits for you outside to answer any questions you might have.

Though this requires more effort and time, he is committed to safeguarding every interaction with clients to make every real estate transaction safe and healthy.

This extraordinary attention to detail is what makes Scott so valuable to those who are buying and selling property in a place as unique as Mendocino. You need a nimble agent who can adapt to emerging challenges and marketplace opportunities.

Think about it: why would you entrust someone who is casual about your health and wellness with a transaction that is so critical to your financial health?   

Just like you, Scott fell in love with Mendocino and made the leap from the Bay Area. He has now been a landowner, builder, and firefighter for decades and knows every neighborhood, road, school, and shop. He can tell you which contractors you can trust and who to go to for all the services you need when buying and selling real estate. Direct and honest, Scott will build you a detailed, optimized strategy to sell your property at maximum value or purchase your dream Mendocino Coast home at the best possible price. For a real broker who takes the utmost care with your health, safety, and real estate transaction, stop by Scott Roat Realty in the heart of the of Mendocino or call 707-331-4120 today!

Located in the Heart of Mendocino Scott Roat Realty
Now Located in the Heart of Mendocino: Scott Roat Realty

Maintaining its rural identity and eccentricities, Mendocino is far enough away from the tech boom in the Bay Area to be a world away from its stress and commotion. Scott Roat Realty is now located in the heart of the village, not even a block from where Little Lake Road crosses Lansing Street, at the core of the business and life Scott has built.    

It’s no wonder that Scott chose this as the new command center for his operation. He has spent the last couple of decades at the center of the community, running a small business, volunteering, and becoming an integral part of this community. This has allowed him to grow and nurture the relationships that are advantageous to his clients, particularly when buying and selling unique, one-of-a-kind Mendocino properties.

A Realtor You Can Trust

As a local broker, Scott has developed relationships with all the other agents in the area and knows which contractors and other service providers to which to refer you. He also appreciates and depends on the sustained beauty and viability of Mendocino and supports efforts that maintain and enhance economic infrastructure and environmental sustainability. National brokers don’t have much incentive to give back to the community. Scott, on the other hand, spent years volunteering for the Albion-Little River Fire District, first as a firefighter and then as a public information officer, board member, and president.

This kind of “going local” is critical when you are looking for the right piece of real estate, especially when there are so many surprisingly unique and inspiring homes and properties. The recognizable names and logos of large corporate realtors are familiar, but local brokers have the insider-knowledge and durable social and business connections you need. They also add to the local economy by keeping money within the community. Just down from the grocery store, across from the bank, and of course the pizzeria in the heart of Mendocino, Scott Roat Realty is now ready to serve your real estate needs from its new office at 10483 Lansing St., Suite #11. Stop on by or call 707-331-4120 today!

What Is Different About Scott Roat Realty
What Is Different About Scott Roat Realty?

Real estate is a science. There are proven, successful strategies that real estate agents employ to make sure clients get the most from their resources. But brokering real estate is also an art. Prices and availability fluctuate constantly. Unique properties are particularly difficult to compare, especially when there aren’t cookie-cutter subdivisions filled with eight models of the same house. This is where the art comes in.

When buyers come from outside Mendocino, they need someone who understands the location and the people who inhabit it and can weave all these variables into a tapestry. They need locally-owned and independently-operated Scott Roat Realty.

Scott is your go-to local realtor, giving you the knowledge, networking, and follow-up you won’t find at a corporate agency. He is a transplant from the Bay Area tech scene but also has deep ties to the community forged over decades of living, working, and volunteering here.

Make Buying A Home Simple

Buying a home is a complex and exciting adventure. Scott has the inside scoop on every hill, beach, waterway, road, school, and restaurant. He keeps himself informed of all Mendocino homes for sale to give you a clear understanding of your options. With his extensive knowledge, real estate expertise, vast connections, and more than fifteen years of professional real estate experience, Scott brings more to the bargaining table than a corporate real estate agency. 

For those that have homes for sale in Mendocino County, Scott provides you with a Market Conditions Report to best understand your home’s value. This analysis factors in location, market, age, condition, improvements, neighborhood, and expertise of the market. This first step allows you to understand the pricing and characteristics of similar homes.

Scott then draws on his wealth of experience to make an honest evaluation of market value. He has a wealth of information at his fingertips—the kind that only a local realtor with decades of market familiarity can give you. Pricing your home at the correct value is a crucial element of a winning strategy. His understanding of the market allows him to know what consumers are willing to pay, depending on how quickly you want to sell.To optimize value from your real estate transaction and employ the connections, experience, and knowledge available at Scott Roat Realty, call 707-331-4120 right now!