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Are you a landlord or property owner looking to buy a rental house in Caspar? With Scott Roat Realty, your new income property is within reach. Scott understands the unique features of the Mendocino rental market, from the quirks of a classic Victorian beach bungalow to the preferences of the Bay area vacationers who often comprise Mendocino’s seasonal rental market. He’s a transplant from San Francisco himself, having come to the Mendocino Coast after decades in the technological sector, where he designed software for companies such as Toyota, the NFL, and many more. And while he still brings his technical expertise to everything he does, such as perfecting listings or maximizing online visibility tricks, it’s his love of the area that truly shines through. He’s lived full-time on five acres of sylvan redwoods just minutes from down since 2003, and as he’s perfected this estate-like space through his favorite hobby of gardening, he’s come to love the area from the inside out.

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With an income property in Caspar, Mendocino, Fort Bragg, or the surrounding areas, you need an agent who understands our unique market. Scott speaks the language of Silicon Valley tech companies. He can find you hidden gems on the California coast, whether you’re an experienced property owner or are just starting out. Scott’s a retired volunteer firefighter, so he knows the area, its people, and its homes. He can bring that expertise to you when he helps you to buy a rental house in Caspar.

Maybe you’re seeking a seasonal rental that will attract vacationers, or a property that will attract reliable clients year-round. Property management can be difficult and costly. Start the process on the right foot with Scott Roat Realty. Scott’s an award-winning Realtor with over eleven years of experience and a deep love for the Mendocino Coast. Contact him today to learn more about how he can help you start your new business venture.

Buy a Rental House Caspar