Income Property Point Arena

Find Investment Properties with Scott Roat

With the help of resident expert Scott Roat, you can find and tour rentals for sale in the area alongside someone who knows and understands this community. As an urban transplant in 1999, Scott quickly realized that this was not a place he could only be part time and moved up here permanently just a few years later. After developing his own rural property into his dream residence, he has turned away from the technology world and has been helping people just like you follow their dreams of living here as well.

Your Ideal Rental Property in Point Arena

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a rental property, personal housing, or a commercial space, Scott is well versed in the area, its hidden gems, and it’s must-see locations. With his help, he can find the perfect properties to check all of your must-have boxes. From scenic views to gourmet kitchens, houses here have everything you need in practically every price point. We are a sought-after piece of the California coast and for people like you, the rentals for sale can create a promising investment.

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The Point Arena income property market is fast-paced and always in demand. By purchasing property now, you will likely see a return on your investment quickly, whether you use it as a part-time rental residence or place full-time tenants. The stunning scenery of the Mendocino Coast draws people in, creating an ideal environment that is hard to leave behind! That’s why our housing market is so popular! Scott Roat is ready to help you find and buy that dream property you’ve been searching for and welcoming you into our wonderful community. Contact him today to get started on your hunt for a Point Arena rental property that suits your needs or the needs of your future tenants.

Income Property Point Arena