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Are you a Little River resident worried about how to sell your valuable ocean front real estate property? Give Scott Roat Realty a call today!

Scott stands out from the other local real estate agents because, in addition to his extensive experience with both commercial and income properties, he’s been a resident of the Mendocino community since 1999 (and a full-time one since 2003). His familiarity with and genuine love for the area only further illustrate Scott’s passion for finding and selling properties to his loyal customers. This also means Scott knows first-hand all of the local resources and businesses who might be able to help you during the long and often-stressful real estate processes. (His former experience as a firefighter is an added bonus in terms of total familiarity with the surrounding properties!)

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Scott also has an impressive history with the tech world. Founding a highly successful boutique creative digital media company earlier in his career has allowed him to create his own totally comprehensive, 30-step marketing plan for real estate. He uses his own blend of on- and offline strategies to cover every step of showcasing your home; finalizing all negotiations; and making sure all the proper paperwork is handled and delivered to you before the closing date.

Scott will give your house the level of highly personalized detail it deserves

With his extensive experience buying, selling, and renting both commercial property and income property, Scott will give your house the level of highly personalized detail it deserves. Whether you’re looking to sell your primary home or your vacation home, pick the best that Little River real estate has to offer – someone will never try and sell you just any ordinary property. Check out his website today for more information, a full list of services, and testimonials from a few of Scott’s extremely satisfied customers (which include Saturn, Toyota, Apple, the NFL, and many others), or give Scott Roat Realty a call today!

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