Rental House Cleone

Rental House CleoneScott Roat Realty can help you find the perfect rental house in Cleone, whether you’re a first-time property owner or own and rent other luxury homes on the California coast. Scott has over twelve years of experience helping buyers and sellers connect. What’s more, he was originally a Bay Area/Silicon Valley techie who came to Mendocino part time in 1999. As someone who fell deeply in love with the land, he understands what attracts renters to the area–and what spurs them to stay. He’ll help you buy a rental property that’s exactly what you need, whether a one-of-a-kind gem or an expansive luxury home. With years of experience and deep roots in the area, he maintains relationships at all levels of the buying and selling process. There’s no need to worry about unscrupulous contractors or home inspectors. Scott will help guide you toward committed industry professionals who will help your investment property get off on the right foot. He’s a retired volunteer firefighter and an avid gardener, deeply committed to maintaining relationships in the area. His love for the Mendocino Coast shines through in everything he does.

When you buy a rental property it’s easy to be fooled by online listings. Scott’s familiarity with the area means that you won’t have to worry. He’s personable and easy to work with, too, so that the process of viewing properties is a joy, rather than a pain. Why not choose a realtor who is down to earth, with a sense of humor? With Scott by your side, you won’t need to sacrifice your comfort or your sense of quality. He knows what it takes to develop a property from a rural space to a well-developed rental estate, with all the labor and connections that process entails. Purchasing a rental house in Cleone, Mendocino, Fort Bragg, or the surrounding areas has never been easier. Scott’s ready and waiting to make your property ownership dream a reality.

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