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If you’ve been longing to embark on a new business venture, a rental property in Elk offers ample opportunities for expansion and income. With Scott Roat Realty by your side, you’ll derive all the benefits of Scott Roat’s extensive experience in the Mendocino marketplace. A retired volunteer firefighter, active gardener, and realtor, Scott possesses unique perspective on the area, offering knowledge you can trust to help buy a rental house that will attract high income and dependable renters. Scott first arrived in Mendocino more than fifteen years ago as a part time vacationer, before his love for the area convinced him to put down roots at his own spacious estate-style property. He understands what draws city folks to the area–and what convinces them to stay.

Buy A Rental House With The Help of Scott Roat

Whether this will be your first rental home or you’re an experienced property owner, when you buy a rental house with the help of our company, you’ll find personable service that’s tailored to your needs. Scott’s background as a former San Francisco Bay Area tech whiz means attention to detail and up-to-date knowledge on the latest ways technology can help you buy, and list, your income property. With his expertise and experience, you’ll have a friend through every step of the process of arranging to purchase a rental property in Elk.

Our area is unique, famed for its pristine beaches, charming Victorians, and sumptuous wineries, attracting a high number of renters seeking vacation homes. These renters often come from the Bay area. Why not depend on a realtor who understands what these renters need? Scott’s background as a software designer with a boutique creative firm turned Mendocino gentleman farmer means that he understands both the perspective of your rental market and the particular quirks of the Elk, Mendocino, and Fort Bragg housing market. Working together, you can rest assured that you’ll find the property of your dreams and have it rented–and generating income–before you know it.

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Rental Property Elk